Anna centenary library visit – August 2017

I went to Anna centenary library two weeks back, after a gap of nearly 2 years. There was news stating government has provided additional grant across libraries in Chennai for it development. I was curious to see what are the new developments, in once ignored library are. The place where readers’ belongings are deposited before… Continue reading Anna centenary library visit – August 2017

School Visit at Athipattu Pudhunagar

I visited Vivekanadha Vidyalaya school located at Athipattu Pudhu Nagar near Minjur. The artwork of the school students were astonishing. I can see the school is taking education to next level. The teachers, students and administration are working as a team to make the school serve its purpose well. I spoke to correspondent of the… Continue reading School Visit at Athipattu Pudhunagar

Tree Plantation plan as in newspaper article

Planting tree saplings is a wonderful social service. Planting trees across the coast of city will have much more added advantage. Once we start planting trees, we will know the advantage and its difficulty to maintain. We may have intention to plant saplings but we may not get right sapling or place to plant. Luckily… Continue reading Tree Plantation plan as in newspaper article