Lone Tree standing on top of the hill

There use to be two trees on top of the hill, which will be visible from my house top. Those two trees were grown next to each other, which together gives a shape of lion. We use to call the tree as lion tree as everyone can see the same shape from distance.


The Thrisulam hills located near Chennai Airport can be viewed from most part of the city. The two trees in hill top will make it feel as if there is a lion standing. I have seen those trees together from childhood days.



But as i grow the two trees make me feel like they are standing there in the top of the hill viewing the city around, without any company or they both enjoy the company of each other. It would have taken many years for those two trees to grow and stand there.


I was shocked one day to see the tree was standing alone. One of the tree has disappeared. This should be after 2016 Vardha. But now the tree is standing alone, like a person where ones loved one were not around them anymore.


The lion shape is visible only in distant past as part of shady memory.


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