Paradise of Parrot

A parrot was struggling in the forest for its everyday life. It was despaired  with its life on forest, where there is constant fight for food, security. One day it decided to leave its home land and go far away from all the struggles it was facing.


It flew past many forest, lakes, mountains to reach a place filled with stone structures. It was excited to see the area filled with stone structures. There were machines, wires all over and the humans are busy all the time in their own work.


Security -The forest is full of predators, where if you miss a chance you will be a pray for the predators. One have to be watchful of oneself and their babies also, as loss of babies to pray will be more painful than dying.


Humans normally don’t care who fly above their head. They always face their head towards earth with a devise in their hand. They don’t pay any attention to very few trees around them. Either they ignore trees every time or occasionally they cut the trees. So the parrot was free to sit anywhere it wanted.


Shelter -When the parrot leaves the house in morning, in search of food, it will not be sure it the house will be available on its return. It has changed various places in the forest as the safe place to sleep are limited. All the places are not secured against the climate


Some kind humans accept it in their home as their pet and many abandoned structures are always there to stay. Some old tall structures which are age old, abandoned which are not used by many but for birds.


Food – Though the food is abundant in forest, most of the time it need to fight with other animals or fellow birds to get the food. It will not get enough for its own, it need to take some food to its babies. Most of the day the search for food will be a  struggle and many a times it may return home empty stomach, wondering if the house is still available and free from predators.


Some humans are very kind, where they keep food out of their house every day. There is plenty of house and the ground is always crowded, but the availability of food is plenty. Many people throw food outside when they are out. It sometime wonder why humans are so kind that they never complete their food in their plate whenever they buy food on the streets.


Life in Jungle was so chaotic but the parrot had to travel long way to city, find a paradise where it has all the time and safety to contemplate the inner peace.


Where the parrot had found peace, human are constantly running and searching of peace.


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