Electric Bike and its Questions around

“How many Km it gives?” asked a biker who was standing next to me in the signal. This happened within few days I started riding my electric bike.

“With one full charge it gives from 50 to 60 Km” I replied.

“How much does the bike cost” I heard from a biker when I was riding my bike. He slowed his bike when he was riding next to me.

“I bought it for INR 30,000” I said.

Once a biker over took me looking weird about the speed of my vehicle. He went to some distance and came back asking, “How many Km it gives?”

Same answer I gave 50 to 60 KM.

Once a security in a parking lot asked me, “how do to put petrol in it”.

I said after a small smile, it runs on Electricity.

When I was waiting in signal one fellow two wheeler asked “How is the pickup”

I said “reasonable pickup”

One of my friend asked, “How will you know when you are riding in traffic, if your bike has stopped. Your vehicle has no sound”

It was an interesting question to me, as one electric bike makes people think at various angles. I said “there is a light which will be always glowing when the bike is running, if the vehicle gets turned off, and then light will also get switched off”

One person in office asked, “I am living in second floor, how can I charge the vehicle as battery is sealed”

“I am staying in third floor. I bought 10 meters wire and plug to connect inside my house to the bike. We can charge as simple as mobile phone”

There were many enquires about electric bike. Many people are curious and interested about it. Lack of awareness, lack of marketing and innovation makes it not a viable option yet.

But as most of the question I answered was, what is the mileage? So my country India, which is obsessed with mileage, will always drive the manufacturers to produce most fuel efficient car, which is the need for sustainable future.







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