Public Distribution system and its leakages

The Duplicitous in Tamil Nadu Public distribution system is known for many years across the state. I hate going to ration shop through which state government distribute provisions at nominal rate.

The misappropriation happening every day in the ration shop makes me mad to visit the shop. However, occasionally I have to go there to keep our ration Card active. We have to make some small transaction frequently to avoid de-activation.

Therefore, one day, I went to the ration shop, as I was standing in the queue I noticed the regular fraud happening before my eyes. The person, who weights the supplies, uses her hand pressure to increase the weight displayed in the machine. They just give half second to display the number and they go for next item in the order. People who were already standing in queue for 30 minutes will be keen in getting their purchase completed.

Approximately, they swindle half kilogram for every item they weigh. Approximately, they weigh 500 times in a normal day. Then, 250 kilogram of supplies embezzled in one day. I am seeing this happening for many years, in the same ration shop.

Recently Tamil Nadu Government launched mobile application to track the ration supplies to people. They are also planning to issue smart card for all ration cardholders. Again, a new fraud has been devised. They do not provide bill out of the smart card billing machine as they do not have it activated yet in every shop, they make manual entry in a register and instruction for delivery is passed through words.

I suspected sales entry is not made correctly in the register, but I do not want to argue with them there as I had bitter experience in the past where I got no support from public in a similar situation, even if they know the fraud is happening. So I had to go through the wrong weighing scale, and return home to check my mobile application for history of purchase


Normally we buy sugar or dhal, but palm oil is also billed for, which clears my suspicion. They bill for items they have not sold and they sell it in black market. The revenue to government is minimal and they keep the rest.

Ration Shop where fraud keep happening every day for many years


The mobile application was launched in Dec’16 and the palm oil is billed for. This should be happening for very long time. No audit trail is available to audit the leakage. No one can prove the fraud had happened, but is happening every day. Moreover, this is not the only treachery against people; there are lot of innovative ways of sham happening every day in the public distribution system.


Our tax money out of hard earned income, spent by government for welfare of poor. Nevertheless, these frauds eat the money targeted to poor. Somewhere this must be checked.


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