Mobile phone screen and eye damage


The healthcare stocks were crashing. It was May 17th 2032, a Monday when Lopal Hospitals share price, a major player in the sector was falling down due to an audit report on recent fraud in their systems.

Lopal Hospitals a multi-specialty hospital, is south Asia’s largest healthcare group engaged in business of hospitals, Pharmacies, Primary Care centers, Health Insurance, Pharmaceuticals and Information Technology. It started as small chain of eye care clinics in 2015, and their entry advantage was usage of new technology in patient sourcing.

They were the first to introduce a mobile application platform where patients can book their appointment online. The success of the mobile application boosted their presence across the state of Tamil Nadu.  Their first mover advantage helped them to start various innovative solutions in health care. The company was first to introduce remote diagnosis by viewing patients eyes through mobile camera (using front camera and selfie flash light) of mobile in 2018, basic dental consultation using same application in 2019 and other basic consultation and delivery of prescribed medicine during the same year.

The success in the health care business made them leaders by 2025 when they went for IPO. After the share prices were going up year after year, the group companies were registered in the stock exchange to make the group one of the large cap trading group in health care sector.

A investigation conducted by Public Heath care (Information Technology) audit department in 2031 revealed coding anomaly in eye care mobile application. Detailed investigation report during May 2032 revealed a software was installed in most of the smartphone in a particular area which manipulates the ambient light sensors of the smartphone, causing variation in the mobile screen brightness without the knowledge of the mobile users.

mobile eye damage.jpg

This variation in the screen brightness of the smartphone was the major reason for most of the reported eye problem in 2016, which was capitalized by the company as their patients. The software remain to do its duty with regular intervals making it impossible to recognize with naked eyes but kept damaging millions of people’s eye.

Extensive usage of mobile phone across age group was pertinent for them to exploit the habits for their business cause.


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