Water wastage from RO water purifier

People in a village near Pudukkottai have to walk for many kilometers to get water for their daily usage. They get around 15 liters per head for daily usage, for which they have to spend 4 hours every day to get the water. They have to be early in the crowd to get the water.

Women carrying water

This is the state in many remote villages where the water is getting scares due to lack of rain or exploitation of natural resource.

Everyone in Tamil Nadu already is feeling the heat of the summer fast approaching. All of us are aware of the water shortage problem which we are facing. But what steps are we taking to conserve the scares water.

Most of us use RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier for drinking water. Most of the RO discharge around 2 liters of water to filter 1 liter. What do we do with the waste water? If not collected and used properly it will go as waste.

To put in perspective, on average day a individual use 5 liter of water for both cooking and drinking. 5 family members collectively consume 25 liters of drinking water everyday which will waste around 50 liters of water. The wasted water will be equal to 3 person’s daily usage for all their water needs in a remote village.

plastic-water-bottles-5 2

One can argue, saving waste water from RO will not help a person in remote village as the saved water cannot reach the remote place, but that will be a stupid argument to justify wasting water.

We can think of various ways in which we can re-use the waste water from RO purifier, like the waste water can be reused for

  • Watering the plants
  • Mop the Floor
  • Washing the car
  • Cleaning Kitchen utensils
  • Many other innovative ways as we think

If we save the waste water collectively, it will be a great savings for the environment. Next time when we replace the purifier, we can go for purifier which will go for the option where the waste water discharge is minimal.





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