Fear, as I begin to understand

Fear an emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Sometimes or in most cases we know what action to be taken to overcome fear. And again sometimes or in most cases we don’t know what action to take, and the uncertainty adds more fuel to fear.

Let’s assume fear is a monster which wants to grow big. The Fear monster wants to grow bigger. The food for the monster is our fear. As we get more fear the monster gets bigger and you get more fear seeing the monster over and above the situation which triggered the fear monster.

We start running away from the monster. We distract ourselves by getting occupied in various other things to run away from fear. But the fear Monster always exists there waiting for its opportunity for getting fed.

We procrastinate, we lash out, we get caught up in cycles of anxiety, and we hide in ourselves in comfortable activities hoping for something better to happen on its own to kill the fear Monster.

But the Monster was never killed or even harmed, it was staying comfortably in our brain, and one day it will come and say “Hello do you remember me”, then everything back to square one.


People say, better way to handle fear is to face them and not to run away from them, over a period of time we may learn quick about dealing fear or we may end up fearing about fear.

I feel it’s better to deal with fear as soon as it comes, because I don’t like wasting time in fear as I have to love my love.


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