Corporation School Around

I got few chances to interact with students, when I meet the school headmaster and teachers of corporation school in and around Chennai, which are located at some underdeveloped area, to support students’ education to my possible extent.

“Which Subject do you like?” – this will be a common question to all the students and instantly the replies will come

“Science, English, Few Tamil and Math”. No particular trend on the subject, the reply will be based on the teacher they like.

“What do you want to become in future” –

“Doctor, Engineer, IAS officer, Police” mainly some familiar jobs to them.

I can see some similarity among the students in corporation school. All of them have talent in their own form, all have unique skills and lot of positive attributes. What concerns me is the feeling, a bunch of students with wonderful skills without any direction.

 Student in doubt

Most of them don’t have guidance and support on what they have to do after their schooling. Students may struggle to get pass % in some subject, sometime failing which forcing them to drop out. Not all of them will have educated parents; some may even not have one or both the parents.

 We can learn lot from them, the attitude they carry to study when we think of the atmosphere they grow from.

 I have heard there are many private schools where parents has to pay lakhs to get admission even to kinder garden or 1st grade, some places the booking should happen even before the baby is born. In contrast, there are cases where parents were not able to afford Rs 1000 fees for the year, leaving their children to for day wage job. I don’t see a logic of urging parents to prefer government school in the place of private schools, as the education offered in corporation is targeted to different set of students. Teachers themselves had mentioned about education in corporation school, as their students struggle much when they enter their collage, and clearing competitive professional exams are very difficult for them. There is lot of improvement required in the current corporation school education.

Many Private schools run their school like a business corporation; the donation they collect for a single seat can fund 10 students education in corporation school. The education in some private school has turned to be business; in contrast, I see maximum teaching in corporation school still remain as service.

I can see lot of people are volunteering to serve the school, which needs help. Lot of NGO are conducting workshop in schools showing directions to students after their school education. Things are changing and there are lot of positive improvements around the schools. Population at this scale and nation as large as India, it takes lot of time to change. We at times feel frustrated to pay tax when we come across news at public money being wasted, Public expenditure on these schools encourages to pay tax.

Government’s education department responsible for ensuring all the students’ basic education. The list of school in Chennai (Source : )

Schools chennaiRegardless of all the good, and scope of improvement, we can see in corporation school, it’s always-good feeling to see the education service flowing inside and around THE CORPORATION SCHOOL.


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